Healthy Chocolate?

This is good news that science is a food that lowers blood pressure and is healthy for the heart and maybe more. The problem is that a decent number American did not use the same type of chocolate the most popular type of chocolate with little or no positive effect on your health. Some of the chocolate may be healthy.

Chocolate has a positive effect on the blood pressure benefits of chocolate. Dark, milk or white chocolate every day, participants assessed by individual studies. Chocolate contains important antioxidants called phenols, which turned. Cocoa beans, the natural substances, nitric oxide, and oxidation of LDL cholesterol are less than the collection plate, let, know, preventing it from. Phenols, which distributes lymph turned. Cocoa reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and improves insulin sensitivity. Milk and white chocolate are low in these antioxidants and do not have the same effect.

The problem is how chocolate is processed in the country. White chocolate, how it is that regardless of where you are, in fact, not all cocoa, and cocoa butter, cocoa fat is made. It does not restrain phenols. We eat more chocolate, and another cocoa has been made. Cocoa beans to make them strong and people have a natural pain relief is given to an alkaline. However, only about 90% of phenol has fallen to its healthy best. Another problem is that when you make milk chocolate, milk phenols prevent the appearance of absorption and cancel all the benefits of chocolate.
healthy chocolate cakeChocolate good for your health seems to be dark chocolate. Studies there ate 100 grams of chocolate per day (100 g, which corresponds to about 3.5 g). This corresponds to 2 1/2 regular size Hershey bar. It adds about 550 calories in the diet. They were told that it replaced the amount of calories in other foods you usually eat each day. This can be done the same or a healthy dose of prevention, to increase your passport. These chocolates are generally healthier than America, because it is less processed than our heart and contains antioxidants more intense. Dark chocolate has been acquired taste most Americans, because it is bitter as his colleague in the milk.

So that's why this study is touted as "the best medical news age? It seems that the more information we can see how unhealthful diets we follow reasonable. When people hear that chocolate is now healthy, will not hear of any restrictions, and you can. In fact, most people do not want to go to another bitter taste of chocolate and also cut more than 500 calories to your diet. Our cakes diet sufficient and the news merely fuels the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. This type of medical report only made more people to add more calories to your diet and their health problems.

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