What motivates self?

Self-development is an issue that more and more people becoming interested. Many of us feel a need for change in your life, and the reason for this may be many. The goal is well anyway to get as good a life as possible.

Self is the collection of thoughts, experiences and feelings that make you who you are. Self gives you character, personality, and behavior patterns that characterize exactly you. When we talk about self-development, it is about changing the self. A change in the self will usually result in a change in the character, personality and behavior.

As a human, we have a unique characteristic in relation to the animals. We have the ability to reflect. It means that we can sit down and think about who we are and ask ourselves: Have I right? Am I satisfied? Can I get it even better than I have today? Should I change? I MUST change? Is there something more than what we can perceive through our senses?

The questions are endless when we first sit down.

The development of the self
This is a big topic in itself that I just briefly go into here.

There are numerous theories about the development of the self. What is left is that development consists of various phases. We go through several stages during the years of life.

When we are born, we have with us a biological code as a result of inheritance. When we grow up we become exposed to influences from the environment around us as we come in contact with.

A total of heredity and environment in determining how our self develops.

The interaction between us and the environment will always affect our thoughts, experiences and feelings. Boys are treated in a pan than girls. Lange people are met in a different way than low people. Blonde gets different treatment than brunettes.

How can we say that the piece is an interaction between ourselves and the environment. We affect the environment and the environment affects us.

After we have gone through the basic stages that infants, children, adolescents, etc., it is often said that we are fully developed when we are adults. As is our way to think and feel in complete matured, and we are ready to take responsibility for our own lives.

In fact many stops development after they have become adults. One might ask why this is so. Some are happy with themselves the way they are. Whether they have achieved what they wanted to accomplish as an adult, with a job, his own family and own interests. Or that they simply are not interested in further evolves. They feel they are doing well, and the urge to sit down and reflect on his life is nonexistent. Sadly enough, there are also people who simply do not have the ability to develop further in life.

Why is there a need to develop self?
I think there are three groups of people who feel a need for self-development.

The first group are those who were not covered their needs in childhood.
The basic need for care from their parents may have been missed. There may be people who have been unsure of themselves. Maybe they had few or no friends or had family members who gave much criticism and little support.

There may be people who have not learned how to behave in different social contexts. This group also includes people who have experienced traumatic events such as war, abuse, violence or other extreme situations.

The second group are those who despite a good upbringing, yet feel that something is missing.
This may be a better job, more money, more friends, other friends. Simply a need for higher social stauts.

The third group are those who are looking for something more than life on earth has to offer.
They have a need to find answers to existential questions. They are searching for something more in the spiritual sense. There are people who believe in a greater creativity, and I mean not pronounced religious people. Although many find their answers in different religions. It is man who is more spiritual in their approach to self development. They are interested in the New Age.

A fourth group may be a combination of all three. There are people who want development on several levels simultaneously. This can be difficult, and you can end up spending too much time and resources on something that is not successful.

It is difficult not to mention Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs when it comes to self-development. The American psychologist summed up the human development in five stages. On top of the pyramid he placed self-actualization, which is a state where we feel that we utilize our capacities and capabilities fully. However, man is constructed so that it will always aspire for something more, and therefore it will always search for further growth.

Whatever your goals with self development is, you've already gone a step further by allowing you sat down and reflected on yourself.

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