What is Psychosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic disorders
Psychosomatic disorders are physical disorders that are wholly or partially caused by mental or emotional problems. One example is the stress causing muscle tension in the neck with neck pain and headaches. Others may get muscle tension in the back and back pain. Traumatic life experiences can "put themselves in the body" and cause pain of various kinds.

Psychological problems can also aggravate clear bodily diseases, for example, stomach ulcers, angina and arthritis flare up during periods of great stress.

Stress causes the production of stress hormones, which in turn affects the muscles, intestines, heart and other organs. Fibromyalgia is muscle pain and muscle soreness in the body. Many of those affected, said the problems began with prolonged stress. If one is "awake enough" to do something with the symptoms in time, can prevent disease.

After two or three years with chronic muscle tension can be hurting everywhere and have major problems. It will take longer to recover.

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