What is Anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are multiple:

Generalized anxiety disorder involves struggling with exaggerated concerns. One can not, for example not to worry about the economy, the health of children or burglars. The concerns can lead to being awake and getting sleep deprivation.

Panic means that one may suffer from bouts of severe palpitations, sweating, trembling, intense feeling of dread. Seizures are often dramatic, and it is quite common for people to think there is something seriously wrong.

Social phobia or social anxiety means that you are afraid to be noticed, to be in focus. Some have so many complaints that they struggle to go in the cafeteria or present a paper to colleagues at work because it is uncomfortable when other people look at one.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Is there a compulsive disorder, you have unpleasant thoughts that you have trouble getting rid of, and that leads to compulsive behavior. One can, for example, an intense feeling of being dirty and unclean when taking other people or objects. Anxiety when you wash them. This can develop into large washing rituals.

Specific phobia: This may be phobia or fear of insects, snakes or dentists. One can have such a phobia without being bothered by other forms of anxiety.

It is estimated that one in four gets some form of anxiety in their lives. Often accompanied anxiety and depression ad. Behavioral therapy, talk therapy and possibly medication may be helpful.</div>

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