When will type 1 diabetes be cured

Treatment options for type one diabetes
The balance of your blood glucose is essential for lead a healthy life and reduce the risk of diabetes complications.

The main purpose is to regulate blood glucose in your blood. Thus, you increase your chances of living a healthy and without complications.

If you have to type one diabetes, you should inject insulin that your body no longer produces.

If you have typed two diabetes, you may also need extra insulin if the exercise, a balanced diet and medication are not enough.

There are two main ways in the administration of insulin injections with an insulin pen or insulin pump.

Insulin pen
The insulin pen is made of an insulin cartridge placed in a pen provided at its end a disposable needle.

This system of multiple daily injections, sometimes called system basal / bolus, requires the use of both insulins:

Acting like insulin for basal: the insulin is injected once or twice per 24 hours and helps the normal functioning of the body without food.

Rapid-acting insulin for bolus: this insulin is injected at each feed intake or sweet drink to cover the supply of glucose.

Insulin Pump
An insulin pump is a small portable device that delivers insulin continuously. The insulin pump can be worn in different ways, including the belt or in a pouch inside a garment. The pump delivers insulin through a small tube placed under the skin.
root causes type 1 diabetes
Apparatus for measuring continuous glucose
Measuring instrument's Continuous Glucose are small portable devices that measure glucose levels and provide, uninterrupted *, information on its evolution. This information can help improve diabetes management and reduce the risk of complications. Some insulin pumps also ensure the continuous glucose monitoring in addition to their usual function of insulin.

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