Unhealthy foods to avoid

Unhealthy foods: which foods to avoid eating?

Stay away from unhealthy foods is necessary if you want to maintain good health. The types of unhealthy foods that we should avoid eating.

When we talk about unhealthy foods, we must be guided by the adage "You are what you eat." What you put into your body digest and become ... you.

Imagine you are building a new home using only building materials of lower quality can find you. If you really have talent, you could do so that your house looks nice to the outside. However, its internal structure is not at all be solid. Test this house and it is likely to collapse eventually. If by some miracle managed to hold your home, make sure that you will encounter problems inside.

This is the same with your body. Fill your stomach with unhealthy foods low in nutrients and food industry (including fast food) will deprive your body of nutrients it needs to maintain strength and health (thus weaken the structure of your body). You might look healthy on the outside, but if you continue on this path by eating unhealthy foods and harmful in the long run, your body cannot keep. Constant stress due to lack of nutrients, the food additives, environmental pollutants and pesticides significantly weaken your body. Furthermore, see our article " 12 Food Additives to Avoid ".

The result is the emergence of diseases and other health problems.
about unhealthy foods to avoid eating
Studies have shown that most serious diseases such as diabetes (see also our article " The black tea can help fight against diabetes "), the cardiovascular diseases and cancer (see also our article " Fruits and vegetables fall cancer risk in men ") are related to dieting and lifestyle of a person.

So why are they unhealthy foods as bad for you?
Our bodies are complex structures. You might not feel it, there are a lot of processes taking place inside your body. Your heart is currently pumping; your brain is thinking, the food you have eaten recently is being digested (" Improve digestion, easy to digest advice "), your various organs are currently carrying out their specific tasks. Something is always happening inside your body, even at rest.

If you want your body processes continue to function properly, you must provide the right kinds of nutrients it needs. If your current diet often consists of unhealthy foods, then you will run out of essential nutrients (read our article " Nutrient's essential nutrients to consume the seven priority "). If you have sufficiently chances to get some nutrients anyway, you might not get enough. Your body may be satisfied temporarily, but in the end things will go wrong.

Unhealthy foods are bad for your body because they do not provide the body the nutrition it needs optimal for the many functions it must perform.

If a food falls into the following categories, then it is one of the unhealthy foods that should avoid eating:

1) A food that provides empty calories a food is unhealthy.
This kind of foods is high in calories but provide little or no nutritional value. The donuts are good examples of food to empty calories. If you eat a donut normal, you will consume 200 calories, mostly from fat and sugar (read also our article " nine tips to reduce sugar consumption "). There are little or no vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a donut (as in any other food, empty calories ).

Furthermore, see our articles " Tables of calories and vitamins, nutrients of various foods "and" 10 foods not to eat if you want to lose weight ".

2) A food that does not contain enough fiber can be an unhealthy food.
A food to be low in fiber means your body will struggle to get out of this food waste (and other foods consumed if all are low in fiber) of the intestinal tract after digested. An example of a food low in fiber is white bread. Two slices white bread you make only 1 gram of fiber, which is far from healthy.

Furthermore, see our article " Fiber: how to include more fiber in your diet "and our record" Fibre Plan ".

3) A food that takes nutrients from your body and leaves you even more deficient in nutrients than before (as you consume it) is a food unhealthy.
An example of such a diet is soda drinks. These soft drinks do not provide your body with any nutritional value. They are filled with phosphorus, caffeine and sugar that reason your body to go down calcium from your bones.

Also see our articles " Drink fewer sugary drinks to lose weight "and" How to lose the habit of drinking sodas? "

4) A food that damages your body by one or more ways food is unhealthy.
An example of a food affects your body is margarine (or any other food that contains hydrogenated oil). When the oil is hydrogenated, it forms trans fatty acids (colloquially called " trans fat "). Trans fat damages, a number of systems in the body and is linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

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