Model Secrets To Losing Weight

Tips for losing weight: 20 secrets to lose weight successfully

Some tricks can emerge victorious in the fight against unwanted pounds more easily than others. Here are twenty.

When we talk to the readers the most assiduous of, and with experts in nutrition / dietetics, we found 20 tips to lose weight very interesting. Hundreds of thousands of people use these tricks to achieve their weight loss.

These are little secrets that are not really, just tips and strategies recognized and used by many people to succeed in getting rid of excess pounds. We will now share some of these tactics with you.
Illustrated Model Secrets To Losing Weight Fast
List 20 secrets to lose weight successfully:

1) Taking responsibility

Those who manage to lose weight and to stabilize their weight often find that the habit is elementary:

Take time to analyze the situation and answer the question "To which I try to lose weight?" It is only from the time you can honestly answer "For myself" (and not for your partner to partner or your mother-in) that you are ready to lose weight and then stabilize.

Accept the fact that there is no miracle diet pill, no diet guru holds the absolute truth, no gadget or gizmo magic to help you lose weight and stay thin for the long term. Tricks to lose weight are not there. Instead, you must control the problem and be honest with yourself about what you are doing and what you need to change.

Decide that the changes you need to do for life can optimize your health, welfare or self-esteem. When you do that, you give up the mantra "why me." You're right. It's not fair that some people have to move more or eat less than others, but it's reality and the sooner a person accepts and enters the heart on the matter for how to deal with this reality, the better.

2) Be realistic
For many people, success is not to reach your ideal weight, but to reach the weight where you feel well. The weight you're not hungry all the time and should not play sports fanatic. Practice the habit of winning (in the fight against the superfluous kilos):

Set a realistic goal, which means actually get a comfortable body weight that you can maintain without being obsessed with food 24 hours seven days 24 and 7, while feeling good about yourself. Ask yourself "What is the minimum weight that I managed to achieve over the past two years as an adult?" alternatively, "What is the larger size of clothing that I can accept to wear without feeling uncomfortable?"

Lose weight slowly. People who lose more than one kg per week are losing mostly water and lean body mass (muscle wasting), and nobody fat they wish to clear out. Lose weight slowly and you will most likely not the weight off.

Those who lose 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week while gradually reprogramming their taste buds and lifestyle are generally much easier to adapt to the new body weight (to stabilize), especially compared with those who have lost weight quickly through fad diets or hyper-restrictive.

3) Know how much you eat.
Our readers are often surprised to find out how much calories they consumed by reading their food diaries. And they are often confused by serving sizes too. To resolve this problem, most people who successfully lose weight permanently measure their portions before taking their meal. Do you eat more or less than what you think?

4) Do not deprive yourself of bodybuilding.
People who have achieved their weight loss were two-time more regular workouts based on strength exercises. In addition to helping to build and maintain a strong body and healthy, they know that with more muscle, their body will burn more calories regularly, even when they sleep (so even when the body is at rest) .

5) Know not to lose sight of the objectives
In people who successfully lose weight, one of the main tricks to lose weight is to work constantly to move towards one or more objectives. All have either fixed or achieved weight-loss goals, but they were also active fitness goals, objectives related to health, and other life goals in the areas of finance, careers, relationships, creative activities, etc....

6) Make physical activity fun
Those who managed to get rid of their excess weight in a sustainable manner have taken proactive steps to keep the athletic training fun. Many make a point to try new and different things that are of little secrets for them to lose weight successfully: physical activity's outdoors, listening to music fun, intentionally add variety to training plans.

Other things that helped to keep exercise fun are: to competitive activities (races, charity walks), take an active vacation. If you do not find ways to make the sport entertaining, we offer various ideas to help you see the sport from a different perspective and to better appreciate your workouts.

7) Eat more fruits and vegetables
Across all segments to success, whether those who have lost 40 pounds or simply those who achieved their target weight loss in general, the No One nutritional strategy is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Almost all people who have achieved and maintain their ideal weight retain the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables. Various studies have found that most people often consume five or more servings of fruits or vegetables daily over their mean BMI is lower.

8) Move the body to keep the line
Those who have triumphed over their excess pounds moving their bodies regularly. This is a trick to lose weight that seems very simple, and yet is often overlooked by many of us (focusing only on a weight-loss plan). Move the body on average 5-6 times a week is very beneficial.

Those who are stagnating in their attempt to weight loss (or who do not achieve their original objectives) were much less often sports. And those who exercise less frequently than three times a week as often find a lower weight loss. However, if you exercise only two times a week, this does not mean you are doomed to fail in your attempt to lose weight. A little practice is always better than doing nothing at all, especially when you do constantly.

9) Start small for big results
Most people who were winners in the battle against their excess kilograms begin with minor actions, and once they have built a solid foundation; they went away. Many followers of diet like start by objectives high and trying to lose weight (too) quickly.

Trying to solve all the problems of feeding behavior in your life overnight is not necessary for weight loss. However, gradually building good habits over time, will feel the success and future will develop habits you can maintain over the long term.

10) Mix for not tiring
Exercise at home, outdoors, in a gym with sports equipment at home or by following instructions on DVD in the living room, in groups of other people or with friend's regime, etc.... to avoid monotony, varied workout routines and keep the fun of playing sports.

How the variety in the sports sessions and other physical activities could be a secret to successfully lose weight? First, what is the antidote to boredom associated with exercise? The second reason is that it forces your body guessing so you get better results if you follow the same routine every day (your body will not become "too effective" in managing the physical effort in getting used to the same exercises too ).

11) Prepare a plan
Of those who have achieved their goals with success, the majority used a trick to losing weight simple: they have planned their meals and workouts in advance. And when we compare them to those who are stagnating, those who have succeeded have programmed their workouts twice as often. Give priority to sports and healthy eating, without letting them take over your life.

12) Insert surreptitiously more exercises
The majority of "winners" in the game against the overweight have added more physical activity to their days in the sneaking: take small steps while calling, lifting weights while watching TV, do some tens of jumps the elastic between conference calls, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.... more you move your body, the more you will lose weight.

So remember this little secret diet that involves inserting gentle exercises in your daily life. Any dynamic physical activity (by moving your body) burns more calories than sedentary activities. And it can also reduce your risk of suffering from various health problems, including cardiovascular disease.

13) Cooking
Cook healthy meals using own cooking methods is one of the best tips for weight loss in those who have managed to get rid of unnecessary pounds. Many of them use this nutritional strategy to achieve their weight-loss goals.

Various studies have shown that people who prepare more meals to at home eat more "good food" (such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dietary fiber, etc....) and fewer bad fats (saturated and versions trans, for example), sodium and calories. You are not required to have a degree or to cook up all night to cook a healthy dinner. Furthermore, eating at home can help save lots of money after a while.

14) Stop depriving yourself of food
Many people who successfully lose weight say they have adopted a lifestyle that promotes good health, and to systems in series. Those who repeatedly diets often lose less weight.

There are great differences along the way the followers think the regime. They could think more physical exercise as a chore (which would tire too), choose to refrain from consuming food whole families to go without eating to say they do not feel good about themselves skin. They sleep less on average (between 5 and seven hours) than those who have adopted a healthy lifestyle (7 to eight hours). The followers of diet (especially those who are very low-calorie or restrictive) often report feeling less happiness into their lives.

15) Look forward, not backward
Almost no one having come to lose weight and then to stabilize its body weight will tell you she left the setbacks derail their efforts. What is the little secret of those people who could return to the right path? Most acknowledge that they have swerved and then continue their efforts to quickly return to their weight loss.

16) Follow the rule of 80/20
Those who have achieved success in their quest to lose weight have adopted a healthy balanced diet most of the time. The majority did not eliminate all "junk food" completely. They understand that adopting a healthy lifestyle in the long run does not necessarily mean to seek perfection.

In fact, when these people have had a bad day for the food ( who consumed high-calorie foods or high fat, for example ), they do not worry about it unduly because they already know the tricks for a lose weight: they are already eating healthy and do sports at all other times. Eating healthy also means being forgiven towards yourself and revel and enjoy your favorite foods occasionally.

17) Start the day properly
While many followers of diet prefer to save calories by skipping breakfast, a hearty meal on the morning, however, is recommended by people who have lost weight successfully. Take fruit and cereal is a good example.

18) Do not forget to weigh yourself.
Many expert opinions were given to the subject. Some advice to step on the scale daily, others weekly, others once a month. There is actually no secret, the majority of those who manage to lose weight without suffering the yo-yoing effect were weighed once a week. This is enough to stay in alert during the weight loss without being obsessed with the scales (going to weigh every few hours, for example).

19) Limit intake of fats
Specifically, this means restricting fat intake to less than 33% of the total caloric intake (throughout the day). A U.S. study found that 53% of people who managed to lose weight and 47% of people "always thin" limit in this way the fat intake for at least five days each week. Meanwhile, only 35% of those who fail in their weight loss did.

20) Choose whole grains instead of refined carbohydrates gr
People who have a lower body weight regularly to opt for wheat breads, whole grains and other whole grains rather than refined grains (white bread, white rice, etc....). Best consumed the carbohydrate quality that had undergone the least change possible is one thing to lose weight may seem simple, but still very effective.

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