How do women lose weight

A woman who can no longer lose weight after quitting smoking.

Mary offers us a moving account of correctness to share its experience with other menopausal women who have stopped smoking.

All my life I made plans. As a teenager, a little overweight, my parents took me to doctors to make me lose weight. I remember taking medication now recognized as dangerous. I lost 10 kilograms in two months and then my parents sent me to summer camp the following month. So I know the yo-yo effect ...

Today, I wonder if a better lifestyle would not have been enough to erase this overweight!

I was a little hazy in my teens, but my first pregnancy I stopped smoking.

Then I got married when I was still young enough and student. Then I had three children.

The observation after pregnancy was as follows: 78 kgs for 1.68 m, more than 10 pounds overweight.

I wavered between 44 and 46, and indeed, my preference. I thought she was pretty. That was enough for me to accept my body, not to lose confidence in me when I went out.

At the time of my divorce, I went back to smoking, and I went down to 75 kgs.
how do women lose weight after menopause
Then at age 50, became a single, reached menopause. At this point, I felt it had to be careful because I had gained weight and had to take me back again to seduce the male. Indeed, it is often said that men love the shapes, but it should not be confused shapes and overweight.

End of 2010, I attacked the Dukan diet. I have not lost anything for two weeks. I was ready to resume a normal diet, but I persevered, and at once I lost 10 kgs in two months. The advantage is that you lose quickly. I was there with this weight.

In July 2011, I regained three kgs, and that's when I decided to quit.

Juggle smoking cessation and weight maintenance with my pension liabilities, it was not a foregone conclusion. It's a little clay pot (that's me, ready to fail, to break) against the iron pot (it's my age, my passive slimming plans, smoking cessation).

I made ​​patches and gums Nicorette chews help me for three months.

I was happy because I have not gained weight during this period making substitutes. I weighed regularly.

Also, in October 2011, I released my vigilance to balance. I thought that was acquired: I will not take weight. I stopped and substitutes because I had most need.

Christmas arrives at in 2011. I did not feel good in my party dress: my ankles were swollen, even my face was swollen. However, I played the ostrich, and I did not weigh. All winter, I dressed in black with big jackets. I was wrong in my body. I knew I had grown. I went back over in my clothes. Obviously, in my wardrobe, there's always like size 46 sizes 42.

I often ask those around me if I had grown. Few people have said yes! People were probably afraid to hurt me. This is one of my daughters one day exceeded that told me: "Mom, if you think you have put on weight again so your diet!"

In mid-February 2012, when I got on my scale, I remained blissfully in front of my body weight: six kgs I took since October 2011.

So I decided to take a slimming program. The Dukan diet being too "violent," I decided to follow a personalized diet consists of:

The morning oat bran cake, coffee and an orange,
Lunch: fish, lean meat (without fat or skin) and vegetables, yogurt and cottage cheese,
Evening: fish or lean meat and fruit,
1.5 liters of tea, herbal tea and water per day.

However, and this was predictable; my body has not changed one iota.

This is where I began - by chance - to read about your site I learned that a diet without sport was not used much. So I enrolled in a gym for the first time in my life.

I have carefully read all the articles on exercise, and I put into practice what you advised.

I bike, effortless but long enough, and fast walking. For now I remain 1 hour 15 minutes each session at the gym (I do three sessions a week). I go to work in VĂ©lib ' as soon as possible; I go upstairs, etc....

The ordeal of the gym is a bit difficult to pass because I'm not at all sports. The first day I left there as if I had been to the movies. The advice of your site allowed me to adjust the strengths of the devices. I left there now slightly sweaty body but without pain or injury.

The report is as follows. I lost 4.2 kg in one month with this diet along with individual sports. It's not a great performance, but I have several disadvantages: age, stopping smoking and having made dieting. However, my diet is very strict.

I also wanted to bring my experience on the balance: we must not weigh yourself every day, OR you have to weigh every day. What should he do?

I partisante weigh themselves every day. This week, I started to lose 300 grams and 200 grams to resume the next one kg on the third day. This can be explained by the kilo nothing because I did not make any differences. I put down the sport. So at the end of the week, I had a surplus of 500 g.

If I had not weighed regularly, I could not see where it came kg! For the record, I do not count because it's not fair at all!

I think there are very few shared experiences of postmenopausal women who have stopped smoking. So I wanted to give this testimony.

You must have an iron will have to achieve weight loss, but the warm weather arrives and already the 4.2 pounds lighter, and a beautiful shape motivates me to continue.

For now, I read the articles concerning levels for three days because I stalled ...

And I made a promise to give all my clothes size 46 and come back regularly to give you my parting advice, because yours are also my best friends.

Author: Marie, 52, manager in a large Parisian administration

Ever find yourself in the testimony of Mary? If you are as a woman over 50 who stopped smoking and who can no longer lose weight, your turn to testify.

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