Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid, calcium pangamat)

It serves as a source of free methyl groups.

It improves lipid metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Involved in oxidative processes, increases the absorption of oxygen to tissues, eliminates hypoxia accelerates the recovery processes, increase the lifespan of cells.

It stimulates the adrenal glands and liver. It protects the liver from cirrhosis.

It stimulates the synthesis of proteins. Increases the content creatine phosphate muscle and glycogen in liver and muscle (creatine plays an important role in normalizing fenktsionalnoy ability of muscles and optimization energiticheskih processes in general).
vitamin b15 pangamic acid foods

Possesses anti-inflammatory properties antigialuronidaznymi gives vasodilator and ganglioblokiruyuschy effects.

Stimulates an immune response.

Has detoxifying properties, reduces the need for alcohol and prevent hangovers.

Daily maintenance
The exact daily requirement Rights pangamic acid is not set, but tentatively assumed that the adult she is 1-2 mg per day.

Symptoms of hypovitaminosis


With a lack of pangamic acid to the body may experience neurological disorders, disorders of the glands, the lack of supply tissues with oxygen and the cardiovascular system (it should be noted that the studies were limited).

Our studies allow us to recommend it pangamic acid for use in the general complex treatment of the following pathologies:

various forms of atherosclerosis
sclerosis, cerebral vascular
bronchial asthma
enfizema lung
chronic hepatitis
chronic alcohol intoxication
the initial stage of liver cirrhosis
pruritic dermatoses

Some diseases of the cardiovascular system (chronic coronary insufficiency)
Vitamin B15 is appointed for a better tolerability of sulfonamides, corticosteroids and anti-TB drugs.

Are contraindications to glaucoma, severe hypertension.

Side effects:
In the elderly can cause deterioration, progression adinamii, increased headache, the appearance of insomnia, irritability, tachycardia, arrhythmia and worsening cardiac function.

Pangamic acid effectiveness in the reception, along with vitamins A and E.

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