Third trimester - The ninth month of pregnancy

The position of the baby found at the last ultrasound will again be confirmed by palpation of your abdomen.

Pelvimetry may be required especially if the baby's size and high ahead: to measure the dimensions of the pelvis of the mother from the baby to consider possible caesarean section.
A visit is usually determined by your gynecologist a few days before the expected date of delivery (if baby is already born) to recheck the dilation of your cervix.

Meanwhile, baby is ready! It benefits the few days still to go in this cozy environment to continue to gain weight.

It weighs on average three kg and measures 50 cm.
The days often seem interminable (and the nights are even more!). Anxiety, anticipation, embarrassment constituted by this enormous belly, the baby's movements, cramping, abdominal pain ... does not facilitate the rest.

Take the opportunity to establish a list of contact persons to announce the birth (in duplicate: a pure you and one for the future dad!), Made the choice to birth announcements, fasten your suitcase without forgetting the camcorder and the camera.

It remains to be patient, relax and try to rest up until the big day where he will go to the maternity and medical bag in hand!
The birth of baby approaches

Last month before childbirth, the waiting phase started, and it is often the hardest to live: not wait to finish this big belly, to find your agility, and especially to know that baby you wear for almost nine months!

However, at the same time, you are anguished over the thought of childbirth preparation, fear of forgetting something ...

You will become a mother, and all your moods are entirely justified!
Enjoy your sessions of childbirth preparation to express your feelings, and you will see that most of these women share them.

9th month of the visit your gynecologist or midwife allows especially after a vaginal examination, control the level of cervical dilatation and get an idea about the proximity of the birth or not.

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