Vitamin D is vital

Vitamin D has a key function for the health because it is involved in thousands of regulatory processes in the human body cells. A deficiency increases the risk of disease considerably - especially in winter when the sun in the northern regions of the earth is too low for adequate UV radiation. Out but the body is dependent, because vitamin D is formed around 90 percent by UV irradiation of the skin in the body itself.

The formation of vitamin D

Until a few years ago it was thought, the enthusiastic form of vitamin D will make use of sunlight in the liver, kidneys and skin formed. Thanks to the American scientist Prof. Michael F. Holick, professor of medicine, dermatology, physiology and biophysics and discovered the active form of vitamin D. We now know that not only the cells of skin, liver and kidney, but obviously, every single cell in the body of can form functioning vitamin D. Professor Holick believes that the active vitamin D is therefore, not only colds, flu and bone diseases such as osteoporosis prevent rickets, but in the prostate, breast and intestinal cells, for cancer typical unhealthy cell growth site prevents direct.

Alarming deficiencies of vitamin D in Germany and USA

The prestigious Robert Koch Institute in Berlin has for the Federal Health Ministry; a representative study on the vitamin D supply in Germany carried out. A report about it appeared in the international journal "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition" because the findings are alarming.

In more than half of the 4,000 surveyed people of all ages a partially significant deficit of vitamin D was found: The vitamin D level was in the blood of 57 percent of men surveyed and 58 percent of women below the critical limit. For those over 65-year-old women were 75 percent under-supplied. In the winter months, the deficits observed were even higher.

Similar results applied vitamin D studies in the USA. Vitamin D deficiency was found in

  • 40 percent of the total population
  • 32 percent of doctors and medical students
  • 42 percent of African-American women
  • 48 percent of girls aged 9 years under 11
  • 76 percent of all pregnant women
  • 81 percent of the newborns of these women
  • up to 60 percent of all hospital patients
  • up to 80 percent of patients in nursing homes.
  • Awareness deficits as the cause of the causes
Dermatologists do not like sun

To most people, the health aspect of sunlight is not aware of, and the reason for this is, unfortunately, once again related to the commercial sector.

It contributed to the awareness deficit also have many dermatologists who indicate constantly on the "dangers" of the sun rays. Some in spite of recommend avoiding sun exposure altogether. Of course, excessive sun bathing is harmful because it can even lead to skin cancer. However, sunlight in measured quantities is not only "allowed," but essential.
vitamin d is important in the absorption and metabolism of

Sun can not be sold

Vitamin D is perhaps the most underrated vital substance at all. Probably, because sunlight is free of charge and is not sellable. Therefore, there does not advertise the health benefits of the sun, but only for the benefit of sunscreen. These benefits can be measured in billions. Profits for pharmaceutical companies, and as healthcare costs.

Because: Even sunscreen with the low sun protection factor of 8 can reduce the production of vitamin D by 95 percent already. Against this background, it makes sense then that the dermatologists warn of the sun (or perhaps should be warned of the more sun protection products?). And this fits into the picture that the " American Academy of Dermatology AAD by the sunscreen manufacturers to be funded. And that does not even have a secret to be, because everything is for the benefit of the people who are so protected from the evil sun.

Care with lack of vitamin D

In the first three seasons, people build their vitamin D levels and stores in body fat and a storage for the winter. In obesity this does not work: Although vitamin D is stored in body fat, then more but not delivered. Therefore, suffer most obese people (also) of vitamin D deficiency.

Beware of bone problems

Bones need calcium. Calcium, the body can only absorb and recycle but if (even) enough vitamin D is available. Otherwise, osteoporosis and other bone diseases may be the result, including rickets. This is nothing other than a Knochenauszehrung.

Caution without end

"Vitamin D has a key function for health," it is the beginning of this report. According to the epidemiologist, Cedric Garland of the University of California at San Diego, USA, vitamin D deficiency in the development of tumors involved fundamentally.

Annals of Epidemiology "writes Garland:" The first event in cancer is the loss of communication between cells, among other things, by low levels of vitamin D and calcium "developed this poor a power-play key role in the process, the healthy cells into tumor cells. Followed by the loss of cell communication, according to Garland's mutations of the genes. Garland admits that his model was not yet proven scientifically, states, that now suggest hundreds of epidemiological studies on a basic role of vitamin D deficiency in cancer development. A balanced Vitamin D supply could prevent many of these processes.

Good advice for free

In winter

From October to March is missing from the body, the solar power, thereby to synthesize vitamin D. Even if the sun shines in winter, it is too low for adequate UV radiation with which the skin makes vitamin D from the preform in winter, a healthy man of vitamin D stores in fat lives.

The longer the winter, the least of this stock, therefore, the influenza outbreaks are usually done in February and March. However, you must not be equal to winter sports enthusiasts to use alternatives in this time of a year.

In the summer

From April to September, is soaking up the sun however, not too often and as well much. Day for ten to fifteen minutes arms and face meet in the sun. By the way: Glass is opaque to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. With closed windows in the car or house can make the skin so no vitamin D.

Silly and enjoyable alternatives

Some doctors believe that vitamin D in sufficient quantity can be obtained from food. This is theoretically correct but practically void. For to this day would have at least ten glasses of milk or vitamin D-fortified orange juice drink with.

Alternatively, it would have three to five times per week fatty fish such as mackerel or salmon are eaten to ensure a sufficient amount of vitamin D included. Since it is perhaps less demanding, from time to time to go to a solarium. However, please, not to brown roast over-dose irradiation times. UV radiation also can refuel delicate beauty with a distinguished pallor.

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