Research On Vitamin D Deficiency

One follows the publication of a new study on Parkinson's disease and vitamin D deficiency; it is found that mainstream media have distorted the results of this study.

The Study: Vitamin D deficiency leads to Parkinson's

The study was conducted at Emory University, Atlanta; USA carried out and results in the journal Archives of Neurology "published. Of the 300 studies examined a participant's mode already 100 people were diagnosed with Parkinson's disease; 100 were suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and the remaining 100 participants were considered fit. 90 percent of healthy individuals received adequate vitamin D levels in the blood to be high, whereas in the Alzheimer group, merely 84 percent and 77 percent of the group only in Parkinson's. The study did show that a statistically significant interaction between a low vitamin D level increased the risk of Parkinson's disease and there.

This result surprise no one who knows even a little with the vitamin-D. This vitamin, which is actually a hormone, has great influence on the nervous system. There are numerous studies that the beneficial effects of vitamin D on cognitive abilities (perception, learning, remembering, thinking) course. So it is not surprising noticed that patients with a vitamin D deficiency by reduced brain function, and that these patients may suffer from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.
research on vitamin d and cancer
The media: vitamin D causes Parkinson

In some major media, the results of this study simply turned on its head: In the news, just missing the word "shortage" after "vitamin D." Thus, a malicious message that the opposite of common, what the outcomes of the study were actually produced. In the media could read now and may cause the vitamin D and sunlight to Parkinson's disease. The opposite is the case. The body can produce vitamin D only under exposure to sunlight and in turn reduces the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Who might have an interest in the message that sunned exposure causes Parkinson's disease can, and that you should protect yourself from the "dangerous" sun rays? Manufacturer of umbrellas had not nearly over as much money as manufacturers of sunscreen products, which are among the chemical and pharmaceutical companies. If by mistake or deliberately false information was given only once by a PR agency or news to the media and then spread by the media, they are found soon, even under very different "senders" on the Internet. Thus, to multiply misinformation to infinity.

Editors lose their jobs

The media are related to funds provided by the chemical and pharmaceutical companies for advertising, in urgent need. Therefore, they will not allow editors to report against these groups. That could cost him his job. This is about a lot of money for the publishers and broadcasters: The pharmaceutical industry spends on advertising, sales promotion and public relations more money than for research. For the startled readers may be at least this is a small consolation: The information about promotion and research money was in some major media.

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