How Alcohol and Drugs affecting the absorption of vitamin

Alcohol and drugs (legal or illegal) influence the way your body absorbs and uses vitamins. Drugs and alcohol affect the body's functions and have an influence on how the vitamins the body really works.

While those who like to occasionally beer or wine will benefit from many of the vitamins in your system to lose, they not completely prevent your body is working properly. However, for those people who are chronic alcoholics, who are regularly and more than a reasonable amount of liquor can be seen, in fact, harmful effects of alcohol.

Alcohol affects the process of the human diet. Vitamins should be to maintain normal metabolism and body functions. Chronic drinking damages the body's ability to take vitamins and causes a person to be a critical shortage in many vitamins the body needs. This is because lingering alcoholics do not eat much. So, not only in preventing the absorption of alcohol, but they just do not take the right amount of vitamins.

Alcohol also inhibits fat absorption, which means that they do not get fat-soluble vitamins that they need. Alcoholics often lack vitamin A, D, E, C and K. All these vitamins are necessary for wound healing and cell maintenance, and that means that there are more alcoholics and a bruise does not improve as quickly.

Drugs are also effects on the body. Marijuana found in many foods cause unwanted side effects. A recent study showed that marijuana users really are at finer risk of cancer and heart disease. This is because the drug's own negative impact on lifestyle changes, such as poor diet, smoking and a greater increase in drinking. In particular, the body suffers the most from lack of a balanced meal, for example; marijuana users are known to get "munchies," but they tend to nibble on the fruit or vegetables.

Stimulants such as methamphetamine, cocaine and crack, causing the person's loss of appetite and significant weight loss is. Many of these people go for days without food, and also often suffer from dehydration. This means that they are greatly lacking vitamins and minerals they need.

All people should daily multivitamin supplement, but users of alcohol and drugs, in particular, the need to ensure that they meet their nutritional needs and the use of a multivitamin supplement regularly.

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