Choose Power Foods with the maximum vitamin B12 Content

To maintain a diet that contains appropriate amounts of vitamin B 12 is essential. This is a family member of Vitamin B-complex vitamin is responsible for back-up cell division and growth of healthy nerve cells in the right. Vitamin B12 is also important for optimal development of red blood cells.

Vitamin B12 deficiency may be a minor impact on the health of your covenant. You may experience some symptoms of lack of evil, such as fatigue and joint weakness, numbness, pain, nervousness and pallor. Deficiency can cause severe disruptive symptoms of anemia, mania, depression, and impaired blood clotting.

More than likely, you need to build a diet that is rich in vitamin B12. Bleakly, animals and plants do not produce this vitamin. It is synthesized by bacteria and can only be transferred to plants or animals.

Information, which is a good food to be able to significant reduced vitamin B12. So here is the easy tunnel, which would help create a diet that contains a high vitamin B12.

Set Top of vitamin B12 from food

Vitamin B12 is found in various foods from the sea. That your diet contains enough vitamin B12, you should eat lighter at least four servings of fish a week. One part is often equal to 140 grams.

If you want the food to the sea, is entitled to a higher amount of vitamin B12, which should be the focal point short of fatty fish, crustaceans and shellfish. For example, put the mussels in the richest amount of B12 is 98.8 micrograms per 100 g serving. In addition, mussels are rich sources of vitamin B12 included extra oysters and mussels. Shellfish can be eaten raw, boiled or steamed. You can get copper, iron, zinc, and from them.

Prepare your meals more fun, you can add another seafood in their diet, such as caviar or fish for mackerel and more oily fish, crabs, squid and lobster.

The best animal sources of vitamin B12

The liver is an important source of vitamin B12. Him to have the highest concentration of vitamin B12 to 85 micrograms per 100 g serving additional opportunities for beef liver and beef liver. You can configure the liver paste, or you can eat baked or fried liver with onions, garlic and exotic herbs.

Red meat is also a source of vitamin B12. 3 ounces of steak contain as much as 11 micrograms of vitamin B12. Beef and lamb are also a great source. However, make sure you choose a thin muscle, because lamb fat is very high in cholesterol.

Vitamin B12 in milk and eggs

B12 supplemented your diet should always include milk and eggs to eat. Make it a habit to drink fat or fat-free milk every day. You also need to eat 3-4 eggs a week and try to think of the yolk. Finally, you have to eat big chunks of Swiss cheese for breakfast and snacks. These dairy products are good sources of vitamin B12.

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