Fish in our diet should the meat be brought forward. Above all, one should always use marine fish - that is salt water fish. Of course, you can also eat freshwater fish, although they are often very greasy. The best fish for our food should constitute predatory fish (e.g. pike - or hake or sea bream, as well as monkfish and walleye); they are the poorest in the fat of fish family. Certainly, you should look for when purchasing a conservation are available only fish not covered (or not) under the protection of species.

Fish and other marine animals, is an excellent variety in every kitchen. Solely, on the taste of any fish, you have many opportunities to prepare his immense fish. In the German cuisine served with the fish like a dill cream sauce, and here we should give more to the cream into the sauce of it in their cooking - she makes every healthy meal for the calorie count furthermore, fish, belonging to one of our most important protein and energy.

Sea fish also contains some important omega-3 fatty acids, proven to protect these large studies and proved our vessel, and thus our heart and circulatory system.
fish diet benefits
Like if you to the fish add more seafood (animals) eat, so you should just look for in shellfish taken not to consume too many of them, for crustaceans (such as crabs or lobsters) are very cholesterin sustainable and thus more re not the Health beneficial. Shellfish should not constantly be on the menu; one need not provides so much.

When dealing with fish and their preparation still not familiar, so sure is the fishmonger (where you should buy the best his fish) and advice can help, often there is also information about the different types of fish and how to cook.

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