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In the first 4 - 6 months of life gets the baby with breast milk or infant formula produced industrially everything it needs for healthy development. Other foods or beverages are not needed this time too.

From about the 5th to seven months you can introduce the so-called complementary foods. Milk alone is adequate for most babies now because of the increased demand for energy and nutrients no longer sufficient. To find foods include milk, cereal, fruit and vegetable pure, including meat, rice, pasta, fruit, vegetables, bread, cookies, etc. in fact all the food the baby food other than milk.


If the baby is four months or, better still 5 or six months old and is the food of adults interested in using only milk food no longer seems satisfied, you can try to start with the first spoonful. It has proven the so-called step-diet approach. This means that each of the foods and to complement and to be combined first. In each case, a milk meal is at a distance of one month, replaces about. In the beginning, the baby will only eat a few spoonfuls, then it should get his milk as usual, to be fed. Until it creates a complete meal porridge is good and saturated thereafter.

Vegetable-potato-meat broth

Many start Mittagsbrei. The start can sound good carrot to make a porridge the mild, slightly sweet taste which most children. This can next the week with another ingredient added to, such as potato or parsnip. Then come vegetables such as cauliflower, fennel, zucchini or pumpkin add more possible, only one or two new varieties each week. So you can best determine on whether the child cannot tolerate anything.

It later followed four times a week cooked and pureed meats. These are especially poultry, veal and beef. The vegetable and potato mash meat provides essential iron, zinc, and polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. A midday meal should contain about 10 grams of fat. This corresponds to about 2 - 3 teaspoons butter or high-quality oil, preferably sunflower or rapeseed oil. The child needs the fat to accommodate the additional fat-soluble vitamins and energy. Ready at the glass on the fat and make sure your details may also add, for most cases too little fat.

Milk-cereal porridge

About a month later, often as a second solid meal in the evening milk-cereal porridge introduced. It is made ​​from whole milk, partially diluted with water, grain and fruit, fruit puree or fruit juice. As fruits are mainly apple, pear and banana, particularly wholesome.

Grain-fruit porridge

The third meal is the afternoon snack of fruit pulp to cereal as. It contains water, cereal and fruit or fruit puree. Even the porridge should be 10 grams of fat to add.

Solid food

Most babies can be between 8 and 10 months already first solid food to take those as small puree is not quite. Towards the end of the 1st age children are increasingly interested in the food for the adults, and the family diet can be used to slow. The food should be highly seasoned, but not in case, be very rich in fat and flatulent. Furthermore, fried or spicy fried food is unsuitable for children at this age.

With finger foods such as bread, biscuits, crackers, rice cakes, bananas, apples, carrots or cooked al dente cooked pasta can babies eat small bites himself already. In this case, the child should never be left unattended, however, because it could screw up.

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