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The optimal milk gives us nature in the form of milk. Sometimes, there are reasons why mothers cannot breastfeed or do. An alternative is now industrially produced infant formula. In the baby food, certain minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals are included, but it may be no color or preservatives and are only very low levels of pesticides or pesticide residues. This would be also not breast-fed babies everything they need for healthy growth.


Formula is the infant milk in the first six months is appropriate for infants and contains all the essential nutrients. There are pre-food and food 1.

The Pre-diet is similar in breast milk. The protein content is reduced, and the carbohydrate portion consists of milk sugar (lactose). She is thin, and the newborns better than the 1-food for first food, or life called the milk contains more carbohydrates, usually in the form of gluten-free starch. It is thicker and more satisfying because it longer in the gastrointestinal tract remains. Due to its higher carbohydrate, content is much more energy. Hunger is why the one food for babies with large appropriate. However, you should keep the set on drinking habits, to the baby to avoid over-feeding.

Follow-on formula
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Follow-on formula is for babies from 5-6. Month is recommended. They, like the formulas a liquid consistency, but is thicker. Follow-on formula contains more carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Since it is therefore a heavy burden on the kidneys of the baby, however, follow-on formula should follow the latest guidelines from the room until the 6th month is given. As a result, milk products can only be described, which were made ​​from cows' milk exclusively. She is the mother's milk not so completely aligned. A change of 1 - to be 2-food is, according to the Research Institute of Child Nutrition is not absolutely necessary if the baby is well-fed and satisfied is the recent period with milk.


Special food is specific nutritional disorders in infants and intended for children should be fed physician in consultation with the just.


Diet obtained primarily children with severe diarrhea; it is starchy and protein-rich, but rich and lactose reduced than normal baby food. Stuffs and burdened digestive organs are not so strong.


Anti-reflux food is meant for babies who spit much more than others. The milk is a little thicker, so the not so easily into the esophagus to the stomach flows back out.


This hypoallergenic baby formula milk is associated with an increased risk of allergy has been developed specifically for. An allergy to prevent myself from most, if the baby is six months exclusively breast fed in the first. This is impossible; we recommend the HA-food. Since milk food made ​​from cow's milk is based on, the immune system that foreign proteins may trigger an allergic reaction to. HA-containing food even cow's milk, however, were the proteins split into small fragments, which cannot be regarded as an undertaking by the alien. Again, there is infant formula for newborns HA1 and HA2 later follow-on milk.


The meals at fixed times as possible and with the family eat together. The atmosphere should be relaxed and calm enough time for eating. Distraction of television, books, or walking around should be avoided in any case on.

The child usually knows best when it is full, or if it is still hungry. The amounts of food can vary from day to day fluctuations in the Essmenge part of the normal eating habits of healthy children.

The taste is only acquired during childhood. So it is quite possible that the favorite food of yesterday more today does not taste. For children to hang or dislike of food not only from the taste, but also very much on external factors, such as what color it is, whether the child was allowed to help the preparation for, or how the food is served.

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