What is Depression about?

Depression or sadness afflicts most one time or another in their lives. Depress the public may have different strength and many symptoms. Two typical symptoms particularly marked in the workplace is that they have trouble concentrating and making decisions, and that they lack energy. Other symptoms are that you feel worthless or have an unusually high sense of guilt, a sense of hopelessness, little pleasure or interest in various activities, and sleep excessively or small.

Some prefer to withdraw and be alone, others react by becoming abnormally restless and agitated. Suicidal thoughts may be present in deeper depression. Depression is often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. Prolonged stress at work or private can trigger depression. Depression is not uncommon during pregnancy and after birth.

Treatment with therapy and possibly medication is appropriate if the depression has a certain strength and lasting more than two weeks, or if, over time, repeated short depression. The doctor can evaluate symptoms using a test form.

Fatigue and lack of energy in winter is often referred to as winter depression, but some experts believe that this is not a depression. Winter Depression can be treated with daylight lamps.


Condition characterized by fatigue, concentration problems, fatigue and poor sleep. Some are ampre and irritable. Burnout is not a psychiatric diagnosis, but the condition increases the risk of depression and physical ailments.

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