Good dental health

Sports drinks and dental health.

If you want to keep your teeth hydrated, it is likely that a sports drink to fulfill this function, but is it good for your teeth when compared with coca-cola sweetened?

As long as these beverages will be consumed in moderation, many factors will play or not a significant role on the health of your teeth.

These factors include dental care and feed. There is also a false belief that these drinks are better than water for health and what improve athletic performance.

1. Do we need this type of drink?
To tell vria, these drinks are not the ideal way: they can promote tooth decay and erode tooth enamel. Their use is justified only if a teenager tratique intense and repetitive exercises. In the ordinary practice of sport, necks will find that the body has no need of such beverages.

2. Damage teeth.
The probable damages suffered by the teeth does not justify excessive consumption of these beverages. The amount of sugar is not only relevant to damaged teeth, but there is also citric acid.

It is the mixture of the two that is considered most harmful to teeth.
The acid weakens the enamel and facilitates the attack of teeth by sugar. Although recent studies have shown that the link was not as obvious as one might think before, it seems that sports drinks are more than corrosives sodas.

3. This does not just apply to sports drinks.
Before dismissing all sports drinks because they are dangerous, you must also consider that beverages such as coffee or fruit juices may as well contain lots of sugar, and they can also erode teeth. You also need to distinguish between energy drinks and sports drinks; the first category contained caffeine and is not for teens.

4. Consumption makes the difference.
Damage caused by dust sports drinks may be limited by a moderate dosage and other risk factors such as regime, the intensity of activities, health and in spite of environmental stresses. It has even been suggested that some saliva protect harder tooth enamel during exercise.
recommended good dental health for healthy lifestyle
5. Consume sports drinks wisely.
There are situations where the consumption of these drinks is worth it. Young athletes, who perform intense exercise and who have few breaks, will need the nutrients and electrolytes present in these beverages.

For conventional exercise, a balanced diet is sufficient habitual.
If drinks are consumed in excessive quantities, they can contribute to obesity and the onset of diabetes.

As with any nutrient-rich food, you should not consume these beverages for activities, which justify their use.

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