Diabetes myths

Pictures and facts - Insulin Pumps

No. 1: Use an insulin pump is rough.
Fact: You get worn to wearing your up-to-the-minute insulin pump may take some time. When you start using your pump, you may feel its presence. However, once you're used to (e) to wear your pump; you forget until you need to administer a bolus or replace your catheter.

No. 2: You can forget that you have diabetes.
Fact: To properly use your insulin pump, you need a little practice. You should check your blood sugar several times a day, as with injections by pen. Before meals, you will determine the amount of carbohydrates you eat and program your insulin pump accordingly. The insulin pump then calculated an amount of insulin according to your programmed settings. It does not administer insulin automatically without you have programmed. Your doctor will advise on how best to integrate a pump program for managing your diabetes.
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No. 3: Anyone can use an insulin pump.
Fact: The insulin pump is not indicated in all diabetics. Only your healthcare provider may decide to use.

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