Benefits of insulin pump

Diabetes: the many benefits of an insulin pump

For 30 years, diabetic patients may benefit from insulin pumps. This very reliable and functional dramatically improves the lives of patients. Discover the benefits of this treatment like no other.

While 25% of U.S. patients are treated by an insulin pump, this is the case with only 5% of diabetics. Ignorance of this device, the fear of failures ... There are still many misconceptions.
the benefits of insulin pump for patients
The insulin pumps. How does it work?

It is important to remember that diabetes is characterized by dysfunction of the pancreas unable to produce insulin needed by the body. To regulate their blood sugar (glucose) in the blood in people with diabetes must regularly inject insulin and closely monitor changes in this hormone. Unlike injections, insulin pump can distribute very small amounts of insulin continuously, mimicking so closely the activity of the body of a person without diabetes. The patient may also choose to add a little more insulin at meal time, or if it deems necessary. For Dr. Jean-Yves Josse, diabetes type 1 and itself carries such a device; the main advantage of the pump is twofold: "The issuance of insulin continuously called'" basal rate "is much more physiological ". Second advantage emphasized by Dr. Josse: the ability to choose the dose and timing of insulin injections without having to injection. This allows greater freedom in daily life and especially a more flexible meal time. Not only do we win a therapeutically but also the quality of life.

The pumps allow programming of insulin, which is impossible with injections. For Dr., Josse is not without humor "the pump is simply a Game Boy who shoots blood glucose greater than two g." This mode of operation avoids glycemic yoyos, these permanent variations of blood sugar, leading causes of complications from diabetes. For Pr Bringer "insulin is comparable to other treatments; it requires a very large fine and a stable modulation of responsiveness. And this is where the insulin pump finds its place."

Finally, we must add that using the pump for delivering insulin doses more accurate and regular are accompanied by a lower consumption of insulin.

Overnight with a pump

Since so many patient carrying pumps, Dr. Jean-Yves Josse sees itself as a privileged. Type 1 diabetic, he has never known the multiple daily injections, and his profession allows him to fully understand his diabetes and its treatment. He tells us that persistent reluctance on the insulin pump: "we lose it often grows freely and that the diabetic has a girlfriend then called 24 hours a pump 24. Now the pump is less portable than a big one can disconnect for short periods. " His conclusion is clear "priority should be given to health and the optimum treatment for the health of a diabetic; this is the Pump."

Patients should obviously be free to choose their treatment, but it is important for them to know all possible treatment options and the opportunity to try each treatment in order to find his balance and to say, "yes; this treatment is right for me ".

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