Infection in gums

Research shows a possible link between bowel cancer and gum disease.

Gum disease had been linked to many serious diseases, and current research shows they may be associated with bowel cancer.

It is believed that the bacteria usually associated with gum disease may be an early sign of bowel cancer.

The Institute for Cancer, Dana-Farber, and the Institute 'Brought' in the United States found an unusual amount of Fusobacterium, bacteria commonly associated with the onset of gum disease in some tumor samples co- rectal, justifying the probability of the link between these two pathologies.

The bowel cancer is also called colon cancer, and it is one of three deadliest cancer in Britain: this disease is diagnosed and 35,000 people, unfortunately; half of them did not heal.

The principal author of this most-recent study, insists that extensive research must be made to discover the exact nature of the relationship between these two pathologies.

Currently, we do not know if the cancer provides ideal conditions for proliferation of the bacteria, or it is essential to the spread of this cancer.

Whatever the reason, this is further evidence to justify the importance of keeping the mouth healthy and in good general health.

This constitutes what is called a systematic oral and often some of the warning signs of disease may occur in teeth, and tongue genvives before any other symptoms of the rest of the body.
Infection in gums home remedy
Preventing the risk of gum disease.
Gum disease is unfortunately something that a person can suffer at some point in SAVIE, but the degree of pathologies depended on how the disease will be managed. Gum disease can cause inflammation around the teeth and even bone loss that, as soon as it is present, will be very difficult to cure.

The best way to manage the problem is to pay close attention to your oral health and to ensure proper brushing teeth twice a day Duex and systematically apply dental floss once a day.

Although people can brush their teeth twice a day, many of them find the flossing routine, because it can be risky to manipulate the floss. If this is tedious for you, ask your hygienist for tips to use it properly and if it is really impossible for you, consider the acquisition of water carries silk, which will be much more pleasant to use. This engine is water pressure between the teeth and gums and is particularly effective to dislodge food particles.

If you're tempted not to use dental floss, keep in mind that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the world, not to mention the likely consequences for the rest of the body.

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