Cooking at home

10 reasons to cook at home

There are many benefits to want to prepare your own meals. Here is a list of the main reasons for wanting to cook at home.

In life, there are certain necessities, and one of the keys is to eat healthy every day. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the will to cook at home. Start by cooking whole foods and real from scratch, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the pounds melt. Not only, because you will avoid chemicals but also because you will greatly reduce unwanted fat intake, sugar and salt.

Your list the 10 reasons why it is better to cook yourself at home:

1) It is cheaper to cook at home.
Indeed, it is cheaper to cook your own food at home rather than take-out or eating out every day, especially if you have already bought some basic ingredients (pillars of gastronomy).

If you find some recipes that seem appetizing, make a list and buy only what you need. You can then simmer for dinner all week for almost the same amount as what you would have spent in a mid-range restaurant for 2 or three meals.

In addition, there will always be leftovers when you practice the art of good food at home. You can use these decent leftovers for lunch the next day. This will ultimately help you save huge amounts of money.
cooking at home vs eating out
2) Cooking yourself is better for your health.
You control the amounts of fat, sodium, carbohydrates or any other substance. You can buy fruit and vegetables in season, at their peak of flavor and nutritional value, instead of just yellowed lettuce or fruit packed for too long that the taste of cardboard.

Portion control is very easy when you cook your own meals, you simply decide how much to put food on your plate. This improved management of the quantities consumed eliminates the temptation to eat all those fries that accompany your burger if you eat in a fast-food restaurant. The foods served at the restaurant include a lot of butter and heavy cream that can be high in calories. Eat your meals at home makes it easier to program followed by a thin (if you're going to take one).

3) Cooking at home gives you more flexibility.
You can find a much more flexible than using the already prepared food ready to eat (food industrially produced) or subscribe to the restaurant. At home, if you do not like black olive's pasta, you do not set them. If you want to put the Basilica of the utility. You can use olive oil rather than butter or soy milk or cow's milk. Your choices are endless.

4) Your meals at home suit your taste, every time.
What restaurant could offer you the same thing? Some of us appreciate spicy food while others prefer less spicy. The same applies to salt and sugar. At home, you get food that matches your taste all the time (since your taste when you are preparing it).

5) You can adjust the portions.
You might have already noticed that most restaurants in your favorite recipes are served in proper portions that might make you want to eat more. This means that an additional flat weighed down the bill.

When you cook your favorite recipes at home, you have the freedom to adjust the portions at leisure. Instead of simply eating a plate of your best loved food you can eat as much as you like but according to your own proportions and estimates.

6) Make good food yourself at home may be faster than going out to eat outside.
Add the time spent traveling to the restaurant, waiting to find a free table (if the restaurant is crowded), the time to wait to be served (after ordering), eating, paying the bill, in transport to return home. You will see that the total duration often exceeds that required for the preparation of your meals at home.

Indeed, you could have put a lot less time to cook at home for something simple and tasty, while keeping comfort: not worth putting on your shoes, the pleasure of listening to your favorite music simultaneously, the relaxation in your cozy nest.

7) Avoid involuntary consumption of chemicals and food additives
All the techniques used to process food (canning, dehydrating, freezing) destroys virtually all of its flavor (and wastes a lot of nutrients) . So, the chemicals used as the "natural flavors" have been added for extra flavor. While color additives are added to give the appearance that the food is fresh.

All this can make the food look and feel better, but these devices do not bring anything good to health. MSG is found in almost all processed foods, and certainly in practically all foods of fast food. All kinds of medical studies have shown that MSG causes obesity, and various other side effects. This is a chemical that we should never put in our bodies, yet it is present in virtually all processed foods we buy. Free yourself from MSG in preparing your meals from scratch to home.

8) Eat less at home since you can keep the leftovers for later.
Indeed, being able to keep the unused part of your dishes (in a refrigerator or a pantry, for example) to the later consumption is quite normal when you are cooking and eating at home. Whereas if you eat in the restaurant, you might be tempted to eat everything because you do not want to throw the food for which you paid.

9) Get Better Health
Unless you have chemicals into your body, better your health. Studies have shown that chemicals found in some processed foods can cause obesity and cancer, and neurological disorders. The more you feed your body properly, plus you will get a better quality of life.

10) Mastering the preparation of food you love.
There is another reason to want to do the cooking at home more often you prepare the recipes (views on the Internet or in printed cookbooks) and the further you practice mastering the preparation of favorite dishes. This will open the doors to optimize your particular recipes from the existing recipe; you have practiced for some time. And maybe you can develop your own recipe. Regular practice can perfect your culinary skills; this is the best way to improve your skills and become a gourmet chef for your family.

Above all, cook a great meal with your husband / wife or have a barbecue with your family can lead to lasting memories. Always eat and share time with your family around the table.

There is hardly a better feeling than knowing that you have just prepared a wonderful dish for yourself, to have economist money and time, improve your health. Then head. What do you expect? Make rattling pots, pans and pots, and enjoy.

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