Extraction Wisdom Teeth

When to extract wisdom teeth?

When you reach adolescence, you should have all your teeth. However, in some cases people have their wisdom teeth appear between 17 and 25 years. It is unlikely that you notice them, unless they are causing discomfort.

1. The controversy concerning the extraction of wisdom teeth. The location of wisdom teeth can be painful as it may not be enough space for them. This can give different consequences such as infections. This will damage the area around them.

These disadvantages are the likely explanation for the fact that many dentists recommend extraction of wisdom teeth to get rid of these problems. The AAOM goes further by recommending the extraction of these teeth, even if they do not cause any inconvenience. They also say that we should not leave them too long because it is easier to extract wisdom teeth in younger patients because their jaws are more malleable.
an extraction wisdom teeth painful
2. The approach of weight and the ADA.
On the other hand, the ADA takes a more patient when it comes to wisdom teeth. He advises to get wisdom teeth removed, even if they are well established, if there is no problem.

The surgery itself is not safe.
Besides the usual risks associated with anesthesia, it is possible that you suffer damage to muscles, joints of the jaw or the teeth surrounding the extracted tooth. It is possible that you come out of surgery with pain, bruising or swelling. It is potential that the wounds ooze, and you are forced to eat foods flimsy. The answer to the question concerning the date of tooth extraction is not easy to give.

The general opinion, it is recommended that when the extract is problematic. It is best to have advice from a professional before making a decision?

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