Salt Cave

The salt cave is the trend of recent years. Increasingly demanded by clients and beauty professionals and well-being, the salt cave is the final frontier of wellness.

A salt cave is an environment where floor and walls are covered with pure salt. A special spray emits tiny particles only chloride, which penetrated into the lungs of the person making halotherapy treatment (therapy in the salt cave).

The salt cave therapy is primarily recommended for people suffering from respiratory problems: asthma, chronic bronchitis and so on.
Halotherapy important, however, gave positive results for the treatment of other disorders. Treatment of the salt cave is, in fact, recommended to those who suffer from:

Sleep disorders: the halotherapy in these cases has positive effects on sleep, meditation, concentration;

1. Low immune system
2. Hormonal imbalances
3. Depression and stress
4. Skin problems

The salt cave therapy offers similar benefits to a beach holiday. It offers; however, unlike the marine environment, the advantages of availability, saving time and money.
salt cave benefits
The salt cave, because of its artificial nature, is available all year round, regardless of season and weather variables. A treatment of 30-40 minutes in the salt cave also offers the same benefits of a stay of three days at sea: the intensity of treatment can thus save time and money. Not all of it for financial reasons or time may be granted a stay of three days at sea.

Health Salt The company specializes in the development of salt caves and products for halotherapy: not only, to spray the salt cave, but also specific rooms for cosmetic dermatological treatments.

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