Physically active five times a week? You can '!

Just 30 minutes a day five times a week to keep fit, how?

The first rule did not do everything at once, but distribute the movement between the actions on the day, everything from gardening to cycling, "adds up" to keep fit!

Let's start from work, cycling or walking, and you're already 'a horse! Let the car or by bus, especially at this time do not miss the possibility 'to keep in shape, breathing and enjoying the sunny days. Maybe add some little help as the shoes firming so fashionable during this period.

In the office instead of calling a colleague in another office go by him, on foot! On the phone stand and go for a walk at lunch.

Climb the stairs and abandoned forever the elevator
physically active lifestyle

For mothers

Accompany your children walk to school and take advantage of the housework; they burn lots of calories.

Think about when you move the vacuum cleaner or washed the glasses, do not you think that these movements resemble much to the physical exercises we do in the gym? Add music to keep the rhythm and the game and 'done.

Just a little of cunning and you can keep in shape without spending a penny. It guaranteed!

I would also add an eye to power. Try to avoid as much as' possible everything 'and that' yeast, not only will you feel less bloated, but quickly lose some extra pounds.

Dissociated from the protein and carbohydrate abolished in favor of the sweet fruit and yogurt. Try to see!

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