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A news for all gourmet chocolate just to be on the theme "Easter"

The chocolate is good! However, be careful, provided it is dark and the drinker is a person or other active sports.

Researchers at the Nestle Research Center have conducted some research on the beneficial effects of chocolate on the working population and is 'a piece of news emerged that will' satisfy her sweet tooth active.

Dark chocolate lowers the stress arising from oxidative exercise as long as is consumed two weeks before the exercise. Its consumption increases because the use of free fatty acids.

The results from their research on 20 men lifestyle intense were published in International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

The test involved the replacement of regular snacks with chocolate for two consecutive weeks.
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The sample was divided into two groups: the first took 70% dark chocolate (40 oz. two times a day) while the latter has taken a quantity of chocolate with the same content of fat and carbohydrates than the previous but without of cocoa liquor (non-chocolate fondant).

Well, can we be content with this, least one search that does not demonize your food of gods by labeling it as a carrier of pimples, fat and calories.

Furthermore, consume chocolate, especially in this holiday season, but remember to fill your sweet tooth 'with the sport and active lifestyles.

Let's read what it says Dr. Karen Cooper, Nestle researcher and leader of the study:

"Dark chocolate can be an alternative snack for people who regularly practice sports because it is a source of energy-efficient and potentially able to neutralize free radicals generated during prolonged exercise. These results give further confirmation of the many trials that demonstrate the many health benefits of cocoa. "

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