The effectiveness of statins in question

USA - Very large-scale clinical trial, 2008 JUPITER, designed to prove the reduction in mortality from taking statins for primary prevention, covering 75% of the U.S. population who used these drugs, passed with such strong remarks that it is hardly tenable.

In the first critical statement about the 2008 JUPITER *, Dr. Michel de Lorgeril of the University Joseph Fourier and CNRS, Grenoble and colleagues analyzed the methods and results of this very large study where that rosuvastatin demonstrated a clear reduction in mortality in patients with low cardiovascular risk, which not evidence of coronary heart disease. These unfounded conclusions, immediately caused controversy, "no doubt prompted many healthy people without high-cholesterol levels, a long-term statin treatment," - says Dr. de Lorgeril.

* Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention - Rationale for the use of statins in primary prevention.
First among the main drawbacks JUPITER called it an prompt completion, and apparently without adequate justification, in accordance with their own same study protocol. Dr. de Lorgeril and his colleagues criticized the early termination of funding, mainly by commercial organizations, tend to impose bias that exaggerated the benefits and cover long-term effects of treatment. They also suggested that the study was terminated as soon as the mortality curves between the group receiving statin and control groups began to converge, indicating that significant differences between groups may have disappeared, if the study was terminated prematurely, they write.

The main pretext for the termination of JUPITER was "unequivocal reduction in cardiovascular mortality," with statin therapy. Nevertheless, in a published report, the authors do not call JUPITER data on cardiovascular mortality Readers should draw a conclusion about these results by extrapolating data from tables. By careful study, however, the data show an identical cardiovascular mortality between the study groups.

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