Diet alone is enough to make us lose weight?

In a previous post, I gave some tips on how to lose weight when the activity 'physics is not enough.

However, diet alone is not enough to make us lose weight. After an apparent weight loss in fact, that it 'actually' fluid loss, the metabolism is in reserve, and 'as a kind of famine that works to save, everything you ingest will go' to form fat reserves in view of Famine!

In practice, when the body "understands our tricks to lose weight" is adjusted accordingly by going into the reserve. So how to "trick," the body? Simple, by varying the power and matching activity 'physics that is not routine. Vary and 'password.

Let me give an example. If you're used to have breakfast every morning with the classic cup of milk and cereal or with croissant and cappuccino, stirred up a date for the metabolism of sudden changing habits.

Try to combine a cup of milk plant an egg or a slice of turkey or ham, a bit 'as do the British, but notice the fat. You will see that in a short time, your metabolism will react taken aback 'by reversing course, and the weight will begin' to get off.

Lunch? Vary here too! No more 'semolina pasta, but barley topped with vegetables. Everything' and that 'different from your routine will make food' good for the metabolism.

However, all this is true only if we combine activities' natural right to lose weight!

However, when it comes to activities 'natural doubts are many. What will' the suits? The muscles swell too much and so on the activity of 'natural fat-burning excellence and' the race. In an hour, you can burn about 600 calories. Try to run for at least three times a week for one hour using a cardio and do not exceed 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

Cycling practiced for an hour three times a week at the moderate pace can burn about 500 calories per hour. However, be careful, and 'not recommended if you suffer from balance problems or cervical arthritis.
diet lose weight fastest

Martial arts. Through the practice of karate, kick boxing, kendo you burn about 900 calories an hour since virtually never 'three times a week.

Remember that every activity 'should be preceded by physical heating and stretching to avoid unpleasant incidents.

"If it comes to weight loss, cannot be ignored by the reduction of calories that come from the power. Physical activity, unless it is particularly intense and prolonged, can have an impact only on the weight, without prejudice to the many benefits it brings a body, including the conversion of fat into lean body mass, muscles. "

As you can see weight loss and 'a process involving the various aspects that only when combined can lead to sustained weight loss.

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