What are the symptoms and consequences of excessive pressure on the out of control stress?

Speeches excess poorly managed stress can be completely different words. Although many people report that stress causes headaches, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, anger, concentration problems, others KLA depression, lack of food, increased appetite, of which only some of the other symptoms. In severe cases may experience a strong emphasis on the death to the point of being called "burnout, loss of interest in which normal daily activities.

Scientific studies have shown that psychological stress symptoms of almost every known medical condition could deteriorate. Examples of circumstances in which stress can die intensity of the symptom's worse included cardiovascular disease, asthma, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, acne, and depression. Although stress can be considered a cause of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, may actually worsen the claim that the disease in many people.
excessive stress can cause
Stress affects the immune system to die. While the first few studies show short-term acute stress may be able to get an immune response is to encourage, chronic (long term) stress the impact of the death of "wear" the immune system, leading to increased susceptibility to colds and other infections. Scientific studies have shown that stress can die immune response to vaccination to reduce prolonged wound healing.

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