Vitamin D intake in winter

In recent years more and more voices to be adequate Vitamin D intake is absolutely necessary for our health and well-being. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that the body can form by the sun itself. It is particularly important for the calcium and phosphate metabolism and thus, in particular, for the teeth and bones.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause the following symptoms
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer , especially bone, breast and prostate cancer
  • Renal failure
  • Alzheimer's
  • PMS
  • Depression (especially in winter)
  • Parkinson
  • Sunlight - the best source of vitamin D
The most natural, and therefore, the best vitamin D source for our bodies is undoubtedly the sun dark. But what can we do if we are a place to live in where we are not sun gotten enough to provide the necessary dose of vitamin D to obtain?

There are alternatives to sunlight.

For those who live in a place where the sun during the winter months is very low, there are alternative ways to replenish the vitamin D status sufficient:
vitamin d in winter time
1) Spend as much time as possible outdoors, take advantage of the few sun. Take their lunch outside and walk, even if her face and hands are the only body parts that are not covered.

2) Apply on sunny days, no sun protection. It's remarkable how lots of skin creams have a sun protection factor. These creams usually contain many chemical substances that do not irritate "only" the skin and can make you sick. The chemicals enter the bloodstream and ultimately, the whole-body burden.

3) Even the sun bed can help to increase the vitamin D content in the body. Modern instruments have a balanced UVA / UVB mix. You should use this possibility but only selectively and tanning in no way exaggerating.

4) Replace your light bulbs in the house and / or at work by a full-spectrum light body! Daylight Hellem under full-spectrum light proved to be more vitamin D is formed in the body.

5), Egg yolks, salmon, & mackerel are the foods with the utmost Gehlt vitamin D. asked the fish consumption but generally ensures that this does not come from polluted waters.

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