Proteins (Latin proteins called) are the building of body substance responsible for. The human body produces different proteins from amino acids - these are then needed as a framework for all cells in the body. An additional function of the proteins is the body in the synthesis of hormones and enzymes to help. The antibodies produced by the body immune system proteins need other protein molecules, including hemoglobin or collagen in the connective tissue.

The main sources of protein are meat and other fish, but here one should be granted with care, because an excess of protein may stress the body. Therefore, should include the portions of fish or meet not be larger (or heavier) than 60 - 80 g. only way the protein contained therein to be implemented optimally utilized within the body.
protein foods
When the protein intake should be taken to include possible high-quality protein. The higher the biological value of protein is, the better our bodies can absorb and process food of this protein. Basically, it is so that proteins from raw food are processed by the body more than, so you should diet once one or the other portion of Sushi's healthy treat too. Taking, on the other hand, heated proteins, the splitting of the proteins in the intestine can only be very difficult. For a healthy diet, it is also important to take protein-splitting enzymes themselves, here is the pineapple with the information it contains Bromelain to name the top.

Furthermore, we should look for in the food that it is not too oily - greasy food is generally very difficult to digest. Add to that the inhibitory effect of fat when it comes to the breakdown of proteins. To benefit from fish and meat to prepare the proteins for digestion, it only takes one small thing you should always be before eating some lemon juice on the menu.

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