Diet and Nutrition

The subject of diet probably employs more people than the subject of nutrition in general. The surplus of food in our country leading to the proportion of overweight people continues to increase steadily fast food and unilateral nutrition support this trend.

Is it any wonder that more and more people tried different diets to reduce weight with? Unfortunately, these attempts are often unsuccessful because the approaches of many diets of thin air are completely and totally without scientific basis.

So if a diet for weight reduction should be written for the eye, just inform yourself before.
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How to recognize a reasonable diet?

Many diets for weight reduction are expected deficiency (lack of nutrients, especially vitamin and minerals) to refuse to due. The Versprechnungen, much time to lose weight in a short spare, often without foundation and do not occur.

A good diet provides a consistent approach to a balanced diet with a realistic reduction in calorie intake, represents but a permanent change of diet also leads to long-term and sustained weight loss.

Corresponding recommendations for an accompanying fitness workout or exercise program should include a diet to be. Sport stimulates metabolism and provides the additional energy consumption. Thus, a negative energy balance, the weight loss is necessary to reach more easily than by mere reduction of food intake.

So leave the fingers of lightning diets. This will inevitably yo-yo effect after the diet phase cause.

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