Neutrogena Review

Neutrogena skin comes in a complaint.

Given the opportunities evident in the skin, Johnson & Johnson, will start the beginning of the year to 2 minutes of opening the product, one of the most Neutrogena Pores Refining Cream and Neutrogena Mattifier pores, with the support of $ 11 million on promotion.

J & J is also moving out a cosmetic treatment of acne, Neutrogena acne patch on the site, a competitor of a product both of Clear Pond Solutions stain removers, the unit of Unilever, Chesebrough Pond.

Neutrogena, which used the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt to hype their products for the care of acne, is in the midst of the position of manufacturers, such as objects less clinically.

The last of the Neutrogena Pore Refining Cream is planned for use during the day. It has a protection factor of 15 and containing retinol, alpha-hydroxy acid and a single in 1789, a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB. The one does not contain SPF. Retail Price will be about $ 10. Cream of buyers is illustrated with a "revolutionary" because apparently seems to reduce the pores.

Mortifier Neutrogena pore is a silicone-based gel that offered a comprehensive "look and shine-free matte finish all." Sources said the operation Mattifier pores, which sells retail at around $ 10, and seems destined for purely aesthetic. Although the efficacy of the product has not been questioned, some buyers were upset that consumers do not recognize the term "mortified," mainly as J & J recently suspended as a product, Mattifier clean and clear.
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The Neutrogena acne mark on the patch is touted as the collapse of the appearance of blackheads, is that the sources of trade. The piece has been designed to apply throughout the night to cut the redness and improve the appearance of spots. Neutrogena Skin Clearing-acne treatment, retinol and a fighter for common acne, can be used day or night.

Print advertising, TV and lie prone in the latter part of the first quarter through the chain Carlson and Partners, New York.

Cheer-Pond opponent, in the meanwhile, counters w / Clear Blemish Remover Solutions, an addendum directed oily skin, for its existing line of facial care.

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