Widespread Childhood Illnesses the Natural Healing Remedies Guide

It has all the right thing. It is clear in your mind your child is healthy, balanced diet naturally just a dream. Yoga classes on Thursdays all rights of nutritional supplements. And the rest is sick.

Relax. It is part of the normal process, as a child. Because your child immune-building strategies that will catch colds and flu and other bugs known to man, because their immune strategy has not learned to defend himself in relation to these things yet. As time passes and she grows, her immune strategies gradually build up the defense so that any errors cannot catch a ride, but it takes time.

And remember, fever is not necessarily bad. In fact, mild fever is a natural response of your body to errors in the bloodstream, the higher the temperature is maintained for them to reproduce quickly. So until a lot or stay too long, do not worry when it comes to that. Generally, children can tolerate much higher temperatures than adults, but nothing bigger than 104 degrees, at any age, reason enough to call a doctor immediately.

Although we do something to relieve the pain? There are several natural health guidelines to deal with these cloudy days:

1. Bumps, scratches and cuts
What you put on your face and eyes?
This is true. Cucumbers. The similar trick works for any mild swelling related with bruises and scrapes. The cucumbers have a soothing effect on the skin, which makes the swelling go down. Just make sure they are cute and cool, and put a new piece, so it reaches room temperature.

2. A bloody nose.

The pepper sneeze normally does, but not this kind. Cayenne pepper, a spice from the dried pods of chili, can be helpful to stop the plague every child today: the nose bleeding. Tilt your head back to stop the flow of blood, and then dab wet Q-tip in a little water and a little cayenne pepper. Put inside the nostrils, where the bleeding is and shall leave immediately. And do not worry, do not sting.

3. The insect bites

The episode of Twilight Zone where the classic way to serve the man can cook turned out to be very certain about insects and their son. Store-bought creams can include all kinds of chemicals do not want your child to play. Resolution? The baking soda made a folder with just a touch of baking soda and enough water to cover a bit. Apply it on, and to relieve the itch.

4. Sore throat

Lemon's tea at all times good for sore throat, honey coats the throat and relieve pain. The next time your child has a sore throat, try to give a little lemon juice mixed with honey. Microwave enough time to be nice and warm, and poured through a hole. However, beware: you see your child have any allergies to the honey house.

5. Ear
Mostly common reason for medical consultations, failure is exposed, is this: the ear. And studies indicate that, although fresh antibiotics are always prescribed some are ineffective in cases usually, the defense system within the body just fighting the infection. However, the last drops otológica herbal represented in the market proved more effective than the most pain relief known antibiotic ear in children.

6. Clogged nose
Small things are not as good as not being proficient at breathe throughout your nose, and nasal sprays can construct your itchy nose. Make an effort by using peppermint oil or mint to rub on your child's chest and back, to reduce congestion. Be sure to mix it with a "carrier" oil; however, neutral oils of pepper-mint, so it will not irritate the skin of your baby.

It's like any number of herbal remedies out there for certain diseases. Chamomile, the image makes a soothing tea, relaxing, and not surprisingly; a form the herbal remedy used to combat stomach and calm nerves. Try what works and what does not leave. Above all, keep in mind that most children of time, just get one, because that is what their bodies are made to do!

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